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Artist Statement

Move Over People oil painting by artist Lloyd W Thibodeau

24" by 48" Oil on Canvas

The "Move Over People" oil painting has for many years been in the making. Here you will find art information about the floral representation of each state which has passed a Move Over Law. And below you will also find revelant information to sources on this subject.

Original Oil Painting when Completed $4608.00

Giclee prints will be signed, unlimited and in sequential order.

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I've renovated my blog and have started commenting on my experiences as the "Move Over People" oil painting progresses. This is different from the information you will find on my artist web site which comments more so on how the oil painting is created. You will find it by clicking on this link Lloyd w Thibodeau - Blog and searching the term Move Over People for post concerning this painting.

Sources for Highway Facts

More than 700 officers lost their lives from 2000 to 2009 because of an automobile or motorcycle crash or from being struck and killed while outside of their patrol vehicles.1 In 2010, there was a significant increase in the number of officers who died in the line of duty (LOD) because of traffic-related causes.

According to LEOKA data, an average of one officer a month was struck and killed for the 17-year period between 1993 and 2009.

NHTSA Study of Motor Vehicle Crashes makes a $871 Billion Economic and Societal Impact on U.S. Citizens

As of 2011 the annual cost of highway crashes was $299.5 billion according to a Read more at : AAA news article.

Creating the Composition Scene for Oil Painting

Decided to use flowers from each individual state which passed a Move Over Law was added to the composition in this artwork. First thing was to find a listing of the states and gather artist photo references for each flower and place them into a folder. Below on this page you will also find a listing that I used with it's corresponding flower. Each flower is wonderfully unique with their own way of sizes and colors.

Determining the size of the flowers on the canvas needed some math calculations to give each state's representing flower an equal amount of creative artwork area. The total square inches of the canvas was determined and divided by the total number of States. From this an approximate equal size square of about three inches in height and width was determined that could be used for each flower in the composition. A grid pattern to this scale was then drawn on the canvas and placement was begun of each flower.

Considering where each flower was placed in the composition was determined by it's make up. Flowers that have a characteristic of growing from a branch or vine I located to the far right and far left sides of the canvas. By using this method the composition could be framed.

Highway Sign Reference Image

After much thought about the painting composition I photographed a highway sign to incorporate into the artwork. I placed a grid pattern over the sign image that enabled a pencil outline to be transferred to the canvas. Placement of the sign image was made to the top right side of the canvas.

Placing the sign image here will help give the painting depth from the background silhouettes and sky features that will also give depth to the finished oil painting. Up to this point I hadn't learn of Harmonic Proportions. So this should have been done earlier but after drawing the lines for the Harmonic Proportions on the canvas I found the sign rested on three points at it's location. So this is one area where I will focus on using hues and other artsy techniques to paint interest. A change of the sunlight's direction will help in the shadowy areas for contrast.

Additional Art Elements to be Painted in.

Cell Phone (Distracted Driving), Speed Limit Sign, Beer Bottle (Drunk Driving). These are the top reasons for highway deaths. After a number of flowers are completed I will be painting in these three reasons for causes of death in the painting.

State identifying numbers have been overlayed to the above image so that you can locate your State flower. It is in conjunction with the alpabetical listing in the right hand column of the State listing. Clicking on the image will enable you to view a larger image.

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