Artwork rendering with artistic oil paint mediums.

Fine Art Oil Paintings
by Artist Lloyd W Thibodeau

Updated : September 12, 2016

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Fine Art Oil Painting Carriage Water Witch Hose Company New Milford Connecticut Glowing Iris flower oil painting History oil painting of Fountain Inn, SC
Yellow Lily Sunshine flower oil painting. Fine art of Man's Best Friend oil painting.
Caesar's Head landscape landmark oil painting. Gerbera Melange Daisy flower artist oil painting.

Artist Contact Information

Lloyd W Thibodeau
1901 Country Apple Ct
Fountain Inn, SC 29644

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Artworks on the Easel in the Studio

Move Over People oil painting.

Move Over People

An artwork that speaks to everyone who drives an automobile on a highway.

Commissioned oil painting Futuriity

Artwork "Futurity"

One of my next oil paintings is a landscape of what the future earth will some what look like. Well we will never really know until we get there but it's nice to image it.

Some changes to the foreground landscape have taken place. To help create distance and create a more interesting composition I've added an overlook spot to view the terrain. In the foreground will be painted in florals and trees to set everything else into the background..

You can look at the steps "Futurity" has taken thus far by clicking on to the image.

Ocean Walker artistic oil painting by artist Lloyd W Thibodeau

"Ocean Walker"

An oil painting based on a bouy floating on the ocean surface. Many years ago while on a cruise I had happened to snap a photograph of this bouy at just the right time. A lighthouse can be seen in the background resting on an extended land area that reaches out to the sea. There will be some changes to the background sky area to help the art rendering make the composition more interesting such as storm clouds on the horizon. This will be very enjoyable to create.


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After The Storm

Blue Berry Bush Bear

Caesar's Head

Field of Memories

Forest Sunlight


Gerbera Daisy

Glowing Iris

Golden Yellow Lily

Mans Best Friend

Move Over People

Ocean Walker

Parade Carriage

Restful Times


The Name Fountain Inn

Artist Painting Tips


    Painting Cumulus Clouds

    White puffy floating cotton balls as some will call them. Generally these type of clouds are flat, gray and blue at the bottom near 3300 thousand feet above the ground level.

    Then they tower in different sizes and in different widths. This up coming art lesson will give some art techniques in painting these.

    Painting Clouds with Color


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